Angler Chronicles Radio Show

06-19-21 “Dream Extreme”

June 21, 2021

Angler Chronicles Radio Show (
Recorded: 06-19-21


Guests & Topics:
Dream Extreme fishing derby 6-26 Lake Elsinore 
Fresh water report Andrew Mack Report
Capt Rick Scott Ocean Odyssey Sportfishing 
William Johnson The Bobber and Williams Bait Tackel and Boat Rental 
Johnathan Oliver’s Skinner 
Oliver Solis Fishing Syndicate custom Rods 
Pacific Islander trip 6-22
What’s needed to catch WSB and yellowtail 
Tuna tuna and tuna 

Join Sergio & the Crew: Ron Hobbs (AC Fishing Schools Instructor), Capt. Larry Moore and Tony Williams (Bite-On Fishing) every Saturday morning on Angler Chronicles from 5:00-7:00 AM PST on AM 830 KLAA. "LIVE" from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA ... Tune in or you can also join us “LIVE” on the web at:

Angler Chronicles is the highest rated show in its time slot and one of the highest rated outdoor shows in the nation. Each week, the crew has a variety of guests who discuss topics ranging from bass and trout to all types of saltwater fishing. The crew, consisting of host Sergio Fainsztein, Ron Hobbs (Co-Director AC Fishing Schools), and Tony Williams (Bite-On Fish Attractants) are ready to offer their advice and expertise as well as to answer specific questions from the listeners.

Expect to hear regular updates from sportfishing captains including Capt. Rick Scott (Ocean Odyssey), Capt. Chris Pica (Dana Wharf Sportfishing), Capt. Damon Davis (Davey’s Locker Sportfishing), and Capt. Rick Oefinger (Marina Del Rey Sportfishing). You can also expect weekly reports on all local fresh and saltwater destinations.


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